Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement regarding the provisions of car booking and/or account services by Tenby Local Taxis licensed by Pembrokeshire County Council Our Contact office address is Tenby Local Taxis Unit 1 Sainsburys complex, Upper Park Road, Tenby, Pembrokeshire SA70 7LT. Tel: +44 (0) 1834 844024. Completion of the booking with Tenby Local Taxis is your unconditional acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out in this agreement.

In these Terms and Conditions, the expressions “we” and “us” refer to Tenby Local Taxis and “the Customer” and “you” refers to any passenger or passengers carried in the private hire vehicle.

1.0 Cash Services

1.1 When making a payment for a transfer in cash (“Cash Services”), the contract shall be made by Tenby Local Taxis, acting as an agent for the Driver (as principal) resulting in the Customer entering into a direct contract with the Driver. Such Contract shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2 In consideration for the performance of the Cash Services, the Customer shall pay the Charges to the Driver (as principal) upon completion of the transfer. However, the driver in their discretion could request payment upfront.

1.3 In respect of Cash Services, payment shall be made in cash and the Driver shall not accept any other form of payment. However, card payment can still be administered by contacting the Tenby Local Taxis prior to the end of the journey where payment will be taken over the phone. The charges set out in clause 1.2 will apply.

1.4 If you require a receipt for your journey which has been paid in cash, we must advise you that drivers are self-employed and are not registered for VAT. Therefore, any receipt given by the driver for a cash payment will not include VAT or have VAT added.

2.0 Booking & Booking Confirmation

2.1 The price quoted at the time of making the booking will be the price payable subject to any additional charges including, but not limited to, reasonable repair or cleaning charges as set out in clause 3.1, extra luggage requirements as set out in clause 3.6 and additional waiting times including parking tariffs as set out in clauses 3.9 and 3.10. Tenby Local Taxis also reserves the right to amend the quotation if there is any material change to the original itinerary, the number of passengers or the type of vehicle required.

2.2 The price quoted takes into account our chosen route between initial pickup and final destination and there will be no negotiation between you and the driver as the price is payable for the journey owing to the route taken by the driver.

2.3 We reserve the right to provide an upgraded car type from the original booking.

2.4 If a Booking is cancelled by you, Tenby Local Taxis will charge a Cancellation Fee as set out Clause 3.2.

2.5 Bookings made through the Tenby Local Taxis website will result in an automatic email being sent. You are responsible for checking that the details received from Tenby Local Taxis are correct.

2.6 Telephone bookings made direct through Tenby Local Taxis will result in a ‘Tenby Local Taxis Booking Acknowledgement’ email being sent. You are responsible for checking that the details received from Tenby Local Taxis are correct.

2.7 Tenby Local Taxis will not accept any responsibility to refund any customers who do not wait for their driver and take alternatives transport.

2.8 Tenby Local Taxis accept no liability for the incorrect address being given by you when the booking was made. Any additional mileage incurred owing to the incorrect address being provided by you will incur additional charges per mile which will be calculated at a rate dependent upon the vehicle being used. There will be no additional charges incurred for a destination that is within 3 miles of the ‘Other UK’ town/city centre.

2.9 All booking times will be assumed to be for United Kingdom times only.

2.10 Tenby Local Taxis will not allow drivers to accompany any minors of less than 16 years of age except in exceptional circumstances and with prior written consent from the parent/guardian. Therefore it must be made clear at the time of the booking that this is the case. Tenby Local Taxis may refuse to accept the passenger who is a minor on collection and indeed may ask the passenger for the proof of age. Tenby Local Taxis accept no liability for any costs or delays caused by your failure to inform us.

2.11 Drivers do not carry car seats as a matter of course, but on request Tenby Local Taxis will take reasonable endeavours to provide baby seats or child booster seats free of charge. However you are responsible for fitting the seat and satisfying yourselves that the seat is suitable for your child needs and for the safety of your child whilst within the vehicle.

2.12 At the time of the booking the customer must clearly inform Tenby Local Taxis that they wish to transport any domestic animals within the vehicle. All domestic animals, other than Guide dogs who are exempt from this requirement, must be sat in the foot well of the car and NOT on the seats as this will incure a charge due to cleaning the vehicle. If Tenby Local Taxis have not been informed of this requirement at the time of the booking, the driver reserves the right to cancel the booking with the full fare still being chargeable.

2.13 You must allow sufficient time when booking your transfer to allow for the check-in times required and for any delays that could be caused by the traffic conditions along the route. Tenby Local Taxis shall not be responsible for any delay caused by your failure to allow enough time to reach your destination or if you or the persons who are being carried are not ready for collection at the agreed time.

3.0 Fees and Charges

3.1 Tenby Local Taxis will charge a minimum of £150 for reasonable repair or cleaning charges in the event of spillages in the vehicle or in the event that any Customer vomits in or otherwise soils, contaminates or damages a passenger vehicle.

3.2 Tenby Local Taxis reserves the right to charge the following fees as a result of a booking being cancelled before booked delivery time.

Cancellation Period


More than 24 hours’ notice

0% Cancellation Fee

Between 12 hours and 24 hours

0% Cancellation Fee

Between 6 hours and 12 hours

25% Cancellation Fee

Less than 6 hours

100% Cancellation Fee

No Show

100% Cancellation Fee

* If paid by Credit or Debit card a £5.00 fee will be deducted for processing the refund.

3.3 All cancellations must be made via an email to which you will receive confirmation from us. If you do not receive an email from Tenby Local Taxis confirming the cancellation we have not received your original request to cancel the booking. In this circumstances please call +44 (0) 1834 844024 immediately.

3.4 Reservations made for services on the following times and dates will be subject to an additional 50% surcharge on published prices: 12:00 hours on 24th December to 23:59 on 26th December, in any year and from 12:00 hours on 31st December to 23:59 on 1st January, in any year.

3.5 To ensure we send the correct vehicle in terms of passenger and/or luggage capacity it is important that the correct passenger and/or luggage requirement for the requested vehicle is booked. If there are additional passenger and/or pieces of luggage on pick up this may result in Tenby Local Taxis not being able to safely load the vehicle and may result in the transfer not being able to be carried out and delays in your onward journey.

Please note any wheel chairs, golf bags or push chairs count as 1 piece of luggage. You are responsible at the time of booking to inform Tenby Local Taxis of any oversized luggage requirements including ski’s, snowboards, surfboards or anything else of similar size.

* Tenby Local Taxis treat hand luggage as items that can be carried safely on a passenger lap items larger than this e.g. a Trunkie or something similar in size are to be treated as a suit case as these are too large to be carried in the cab of the vehicle. Lap bags include ladies average size handbags or gentlemen’s average size briefcase and as such will be treated as lap bag allowance.

You must order a suitable car size for the number of passengers and luggage. Please note that a child, regardless of their age, will count as one passenger.

3.6 If the amount of luggage exceeds vehicle size selected, an additional amount equal to what the required vehicle size would be, will be chargeable.

3.7 Only luggage that can be carried on your lap will be classified as hand luggage, items of luggage that exceed this criteria will count as a piece of luggage under our booking terms and conditions clause 4.6.

3.8 For airport pickups Tenby Local Taxis will provide 30 minutes of discretionary waiting time at zero charge after the requested time of landing, as confirmed by you at the time of booking. After this time Tenby Taxis will charge £0.50p for every additional minute of waiting time.

3.9 For train pickups Tenby Local Taxis will provide 15 minutes of discretionary waiting time at zero charge after the pick-up time, as confirmed by you at the time of booking. After this time Tenby Taxis will charge £0.50p for every additional minute of waiting time.

3.10 Tenby Local Taxis will wait for a maximum of 2 hours post requested time of landing unless you have contacted the Tenby Local Taxis office to advise otherwise. Waiting times will be charged as set out in clauses 4.9 and 4.10. Tenby Local Taxis will check for flight delays in advance before the driver enters the airport but we can only rely on the information provided to us by the airport websites.

3.11 For cruise terminal pickups Tenby Local Taxis will provide 30 minutes of discretionary waiting time at zero charge after the pick-up time, as confirmed by you at the time of booking. After this time Tenby Local Taxis will charge £0.50p for every additional minute of waiting time.

3.12 Tenby Local Taxis reserves the right to charge additional monies for Tolls if incurred on route.

3.13 There might be additional charges if you have to make a stop during journey (minimum £5.00) or any other diversion on the way. The prices are based on the type and number of pick-ups and drop-offs that you state when booking. However, if you need any other pick-up, drop—off or destination, clients must contact the company only, as only we are in a position to decide the prices.

4.0 Account Services

4.1 Before Tenby Local Taxis will accept any Account Services work, the Customer must first open an Account with Tenby Taxis. Only once this has been approved will the Customer have the ability to make Account bookings.

4.2 Tenby Local Taxis will provide to the Customer a unique Account Number that must be confidential.

4.3 For all Account Services bookings, the Customer must quote its Customer Account Number. If the Customer fails to do so, we shall not be compelled to perform the Account Services.

4.4 Tenby Local Taxis will treat any Booking made quoting the confidential Customer Account Number as duly authorised by the Customer and the Customer shall be liable in respect of all Charges relating thereto.

4.5 In consideration of performance of the Account Services, the Customer shall pay all Charges, and any applicable VAT (without set off or deduction), as invoiced by Tenby Local Taxis, within 14 days of the date of an invoice. Tenby Local Taxis, at their absolute discretion, reserve the right to reduce this time period.

4.6 Payment will be accepted by direct debit, cheque, telegraphic transfer or BACS to such bank account as we shall notify the Customer. We will not accept cash unless specifically agreed between both parties.

4.7 We shall invoice the Customer each month in respect of the Account Services carried out for the Customer during the previous month or at such other intervals as may be agreed by the parties in writing. Each invoice will be accompanied by a statement detailing the Services invoiced. Any additional requirements will need to be agreed up front between both parties.

4.8 In the event of non-payment of any Charges by the Due Date, we shall be entitled to charge and the Customer shall pay interest at a rate of 5% above Bank of England Base Rate on any amount outstanding until payment is made, both before and after any judgement.

4.9 We may, at any time, set a limit on the total credit given to any Customer at any one time and we shall not be obliged to provide Account Services once that limit has been reached. Any such limit shall be notified to the Customer in writing by us.

4.10 Any dispute in respect of the Charges shall be submitted, in writing, within 7 days of receipt by the Customer of the relevant invoice.

4.11 When an Account is terminated, by any means whatsoever, the Customer shall pay to us all outstanding Charges which are owed to us as at the date of termination.

4.12 For the avoidance of doubt all Clauses under 4.0 and 6.0 of these Terms shall apply to all Passenger Services made in accordance with this clause 5.0 by an Account Customer.

5.0 General

5.1 All our vehicles are non-smoking; therefore customers are not permitted to smoke in the vehicle, for the avoidance of doubt this clause covers electronic cigarette (e-cig or e-cigarette), personal vaporizer (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS)

5.2 Customers are not permitted to consume alcohol within the vehicle. The Driver has the right to decline any customer who, in their opinion, is intoxicated. The full fare will still be payable.

5.3 Customers will be responsible at all time for their luggage. They are responsible for loading and unloading their own luggage. The Driver, at their discretion, may assist the customer with the loading and unloading of their luggage from their vehicle.

5.4 Tenby Local Taxis will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage to any luggage which is transported in the vehicle. The Customer acknowledges this and accepts this position.

5.6 All Customers are required to use seatbelts at all times.

5.7 Tenby Local Taxis will not be responsible for any property left by the Customer in the vehicle. Where property is found it will be stored by us, in absolute discretion for a period of 28 days. The full process for dealing with Lost property can be found within our Lost Property process and is available on request. Tenby Taxis also reserves the right to charge a fee for returning lost property items.

5.8 Tenby Local Taxis uses their own transport wherever possible but do use third party companies where necessary. If you require us to transport with your wheelchair please let us know at the time of making the booking as we will need to make special arrangements with third party companies to ensure that your requirements can be dealt with. If you do not advise us at the time of the booking that you have this specific requirement, Tenby Taxis, cannot be responsible if we are not able to transfer you.

5.9 Tenby Local Taxis reserve the right and without prior notice to vary the prices shown on the Tenby Taxis website.

5.10 Any complaints relating to the service or driver should be made in writing within 14 days of the event giving rise to the complaint. The Complaints Procedure is available on request.

5.11 Tenby Local Taxis will not accept any responsibility for any late arrival to destination. Tenby Taxis will also not accept any responsibility in any way for missed flights for whatever reason including, but not limited to, traffic delays, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather conditions or any road conditions out of Tenby Taxis or their drivers control.

5.12 You permit and authorise Tenby Local Taxis to store, process and use all information regarding your personal details in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. The terms of this agreement shall prevail if a discrepancy arises between a quotation and this agreement.

5.13 This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties relating to the subject matter and supersedes any previous agreements, arrangements, undertakings or proposals, oral or written.

5.14 Nothing in this agreement is intended to, nor shall it confer any rights on a third party.

5.15 We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions from time to time.

5.16 Each party irrevocably agrees that courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out or in connection with this Contract its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

5.17 Tenby Local Taxis will refuse or terminate any booking with immediate effect if any of the drivers consider themselves to be at risk of damage, violence or abuse by you or anyone associated with you or other passengers. As soon as it is safe to do so, you will be asked to alight from the vehicle. There will be no refund given to you owing to any circumstances under clause 6.17

5.18 We are committed to providing Services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We may assist any Passenger who is not capable of boarding and alighting a Passenger Vehicle unaided, at our sole discretion but at the Passenger’s risk.